How To Find Painting Services

If you are reading this article, you’ve already made one decision:  you don’t want to handle an interior painting job.  Congratulations.  It’s time to take the next step, and find the right painter for your job.  You have to pay for the results and live with them, so get as much advice as possible, and make a good decision.

Ask Friends and Neighbors

You must know people who have had their homes painted.  If you were impressed with the job, ask them about it.  People are only too happy to share information, and will give you an honest answer.  It’s usually better than going to an online review site, such as yelp, and looking under ‘Painting Services NYC’.  You know the person—any biases they bring to the conversation (egomaniac—anybody he/she hires is the best ever).

When you go on a review site, there’s the risk that the best reviews were not written by flesh and blood customers, but professional reviewers, and the same is true for the negative reviews—they might have been written by competitors.  You are much better off with person to person reviews.

Use the Internet

Do your homework, but do it in two stages.  In the first stage, get all the information you can about painting services in New York City.  Benjamin Moore’s website has a good article on choosing the right house painter.  It covers all the questions you should ask a painter who provides painting services NYC or elsewhere.

Look at websites like  They not only help you find painting services, but have valuable resources for homeowners, tenants or landlords.  The resource center has just about every possible interior and exterior renovation job.  There are websites that have a list of prescreened painting contractors.  Answer several questions about your job, and they will either send your information to local contractors, or give you the names of contractors.

Making the final Decision

Don’t take the first painter you interview.  It’s better to interview at least three painters before you hire one.  That way, you’ll get a grasp of the issues:

  • Charges for paint, and supplies
  • Are they licensed?
  • What are the services and fees?

Once you’ve chosen your painter, get a written contract that contains all the terms.  It’s for your protection—if disputes arise, you will be able to refer to the contract.


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