Painting Company NYC


Comparison Shopping

Since you live in NYC, and need either interior or exterior painting done, you want to find the best painting company in NYC.  By ‘best’ I mean the company who has the right combination of experience and skill.  For the home owner, preparation is more than moving furnishings:  it’s getting the facts and figures before hiring a painter.

Government websites

Both New York City and New York State have helpful websites.  When choosing a painting company NYC, go to and click on the link for the Department of Consumer Affairs.  They have two useful tools.  The first is a search engine—you can search for the business by name, and see how many complaints have been filed against them.  If they have several complaints, you should cross them off the list.  The second is a pamphlet on Home Improvement jobs: “The Home Improvement Consumer Guide” It contains everything you need to know about evaluating and hiring a licensed home improvement contractor.

You may also do a business search on New York State’s Department of State website. The search will tell you when the Painting Company NYC was incorporated.  It’s one way of verifying the claims made by the company.  They might state ‘we have over 10 years’ experience, but their certificate of incorporation says they were incorporated in 2010.  That shouldn’t be the kiss of death—they may not have filed the formal papers until that date, but it is a discrepancy, and you may want to think before hiring them.

Contractor Websites

A medium to large size painting company NYC will handle other home improvement jobs.  More importantly, you can tell a great deal about the company by reading the website content.  One painting company even posted a link to ‘do it yourself painting’ which had tips about preparation, painting, which tools to use and why, etc.  It shows the company wants to share information—they won’t hit you with a hard sell.

Just don’t skim:  read and take notes.  In order to make an informed decision, you have to gather information.  You’re the one who has to live with the exterior or interior paint job.  Suppose you are thinking about selling your home- a poorly done paint job will reduce the value of your house.

The internet is your most valuable resource.  Use it well, and you can find the right painting company in NYC.

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