Painter NYC Cost

Ah, white walls. The long-time curse of the New York City apartment dweller. Walls in most New York condos and apartments are bland, uninspiring, and can actually make a relatively small space seem even smaller. But if you’re considering hiring someone to lay a fresh coat on top of those old stale walls, know that hiring an NYC painter costs a bit of money.

Painters calculate their costs based on several factors: the square footage of your apartment is the major one, but any complex design flourishes or odd shapes will add to the cost. If your building was put up before 1978, the paint that’s currently on the walls may contain lead, and so you need to find a painter who has passed a lead certification course.

Painters charge for their time and for materials, and the main material is, and therefore the main NYC painter cost, is the paint itself. This can be an opportunity to save some money: contractors often charge extra for paint, and use a special ‘contractor grade’ of paint that actually does a substandard job. By going out yourself to purchase paint from a home improvement store saves you money, gives you greater control, and can result in a better paint job.

Know as well that painter rates (and the quality of their work) vary quite a bit, so shop around. Most painters should be willing to give detailed estimates at no cost and with no obligation. For reference, one reputable home improvement company charges a base rate of $349 for a room under 40 square feet, and go up from there.

Finally, significantly reducing your NYC painter cost by not hiring a painter at all. Not only will you be able to select your own paints to ensure you get the best possible value, but you’ll also cut out the cost of labor, and you won’t be forced to shop around, deal with shady contractors , or have strange men going in and out of your apartment. Apartment painting is a quite simple undertaking, requiring no materials more complicated than a drop sheet, a ladder, some painter’s tape, and some rollers and brushes. Of course, you do have to factor in the ‘cost’ of your own time – but painting can be a relaxing, easy, even fun time. Get a few friends to come by, make a weekend of it, and save some money at the same time.


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