NYC Painting Tricks and Tips

Painting is a great way to bring new life to any home.  When you are painting, though, you don’t want to live with a poor quality paint job that you will see every day.  These few tips and tricks will make your NYC painting job look like it was done by a professional.

Prep Primer Paint

Before starting any painting job you want to begin by prepping your walls.  If there are holes or dark marks take the time to fill in the holes and clean off the marks.  Make sure that they surface is clean and there is no dust or dirt that will make your paint look uneven.  Then before you paint it is essential that you prime the walls.  You’ve selected the color to match your décor give the paint the best chance to match by using a primer before painting.  If you prime before painting your NYC painting will look its best.

Protect your fixtures

We buy special doorknobs and fixtures to accent our rooms and not to splatter them with paint.  Before you paint remove light switch covers and cover the switches to protect them.  Mask door knobs and dead bolts to protect them during painting.  Use painters tape to mask off trim if it is a separate color.  These few steps will save time when you’re painting and also protect your fixtures from being splattered with paint.  When your NYC painting is done you can unmask and reattach for a finished, unblemished paint job.

Use the Right Tools for the Job

Painting your home isn’t the time to skimp on quality.  Any NYC painting project deserves the best tools for the job.  You’re going to be seeing these walls day in and day out so make them look their best.  When you’re painting a large room it’s important to use a roller rather than a brush.  Brushes can leave lines where a roller will make the paint smooth.  Use painters tape to mask where you don’t want to paint and use a quality canvas cover for your floors.  When you’re painting high walls and ceilings by an extension for your roller rather than using a ladder and paint brush.  The finished project will look much more professional and you will avoid funny lines on your ceiling.

Any NYC painting project can help to renew your home and update your décor.  If you follow these tips your painting project will look professional.


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