Professional Home Painters NYC

Living in a New York City apartment can get a bit drab, and there’s nothing to refresh your living space like a fresh coat of paint. This guide will walk you through the process of dealing with NYC professional home painters to renew your space.

For professional home painters NYC is a goldmine of opportunities. With so many people living in cramped apartments, there are always opportunities for people looking to personalize their spaces and upgrade their looks. This means you’ll never have trouble finding a professional home painter in NYC. In fact, you’re likely to find an overwhelming number of listings.

This means you can always shop around until you find a painter you feel comfortable with. Most painters should be willing to provide you a detailed estimate before they begin, with a full breakdown of costs and an estimated schedule for delivery.

With your painter, work out your color scheme. Especially if you’re living in a small space, a bright, lively color can do wonders for making your space feel larger. Don’t neglect your ‘fifth wall’ – that is to say, your ceiling. The color of the ceiling has a massive psychological impact on the perceived size of the room.

Once you’ve found a painter, it’s time to speak to your landlord – and do it early. Professional home painters and NYC landlords have a notoriously bad working relationship. This is understandable. Home painters are strangers entering and exiting the building with the landlord having no control. They make lots of noise, sometimes at odd hours. They make a mess, sometimes accidentally leaving spots or spills in staircases and hallways. You can ease this tension, both by hiring a reputable, professional home painter who knows how NYC landlord-tenant agreements work, and by speaking to your landlord. Assure them that damage will be minimal, and you’ll return the room to its original color before you move out. Some experts even suggest tipping the landlord $50 to $100 for the inconvenience.

When it comes to the actual day of painting, it’s a good idea to stick around as much as possible to supervise the work. This is where having a good professional relationship with your painter really comes in handy. As simple as house painting may seem, you’d be surprised at the number of decisions that have to be made throughout the process. You’ll also be able to see how good of a job they’re doing, and deal with any issues early, before they become problems.

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