Acoustic & Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Manufacturers integrated asbestos into their popcorn ceiling products before 1978. There are currently millions of homes with asbestos-based acoustic and popcorn ceilings. While experts believe asbestos does not pose a health risk when left undisturbed, many homeowners have a concern. There are no laws in the United States that require property owners to replace asbestos-based popcorn ceilings. However, homeowners all across the nation are opting to do just that, removing all remnants of their asbestos acoustic ceiling.

Why Remove Your Popcorn Asbestos Ceiling?

As previously mentioned, asbestos building materials do not pose health risks to humans or animals when in good condition. However, a minor bump or another form of direct impact could result in the asbestos fibers can break loose and go airborne.

Long-term exposure to asbestos has been linked to mesothelioma, a health condition that can cause death when left untreated. As the asbestos fibers fall down from the ceiling, humans inhale them, resulting in respiratory problems.

Our Professional Popcorn Ceiling Removal – How It Works?

Our professional acoustic asbestos ceiling removal begins with a visual inspection. One of our qualified technicians will inspect your ceiling to determine its condition. All damaged asbestos building products, including ceilings, should be removed without delay. If you agree to hire us, we will schedule an appointment date for the project to begin.

DIY popcorn ceiling removal is not recommended when asbestos is involved.

Why Hire Our Popcorn Ceiling Experts?

Our team of experts understands the danger involved in the removal of an asbestos-based popcorn ceiling. It is crucial to meticulously remove the ceiling in sections while protecting the surrounding area from exposure.

Our technicians wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) throughout the entire process to protect them from asbestos exposure. We utilize N95 disposable respirators, gowns, gloves, hair coverings, and bodysuits.

To learn more about our popcorn asbestos ceiling removal, do not hesitate to reach out to our New York-based professionals. We strive to keep our prices competitive with other New York asbestos removal companies.

If you are concerned about cost, we recommend scheduling an appointment for a free written quote. During the visit, a technician will go over the removal process to rule out any potential surprise.

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