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Concrete Staining And Epoxy Finish Services

Using a concrete stain is a good way to add a new color to the surface of the concrete. The concrete stain should bond securely to the surface to prevent chipping and peeling. Once you’ve finished, the surface will be beautiful. A concrete stain can easily enhance the overall appearance of the room, garage, or walkway.

Homeowners prefer epoxy floors for numerous reasons. When it is applied to a concrete surface, the results will be spectacular. It will be durable and resistant to stains. Furthermore, the epoxy finish can help protect from water while preventing a slippery surface. Residential and Commercial clients can take advantage of concrete staining and epoxy finishing services. Concrete staining is commonly used in the following places.

More About Our Concrete Staining Solutions

A special acid-based product is needed to properly stain concrete. It is pertinent to choose a product designed for masonry. Our employees have years of experience and training to guarantee that they can complete your concrete stain quickly and conveniently. Each situation is unique. Don’t worry about it though. Our experts can identify the best product and technique for each situation.

When dealing with certain surfaces, we can make the stained concrete look like wood, stone, leather, or even marble. Working with us ensures that you can access a handful of colors and textures. Although it depends on the project, we can generally install the concrete staining within two or three ways. Just remember that the surface may take a week to cure.

Price Of Concrete Staining And Epoxy

Ultimately, each concrete surface is different. Therefore, our experts will need to analyze the situation before they can give you a price quote. The price of our service generally depends on several factors such as size, products required, concrete conditions, and others. We strive to provide our clients with low-cost services and great results.

Whether you’re ready to schedule an appointment or you want a free quote, call us. We’re eager to begin helping you.

Epoxy Finishing Services

Using a clear epoxy finish is a good idea. It can help protect your concrete floors while making them resistant to stains. Epoxy flooring is great for homes and businesses. Contact our office to learn more about our epoxy finishing services. We can add epoxy to the following concrete floors.

Taking advantage of an epoxy treatment is highly recommended. Doing so can make the surface more durable, tougher, and resistant to spills and spins. In a residential setting, an epoxy treatment can last a lifetime with proper maintenance. In commercial environments, proper maintenance is needed to make it last. Either way, an epoxy finish can provide you with a beautiful and more durable finish. Plus, it will be easier to clean.

Our experts are here to help. We can help you decide which product will work best for you. In addition to this, we won’t stop until your epoxying coating is installed accurately.

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