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Exterior Insulation And Finish Systems (EIFS)

Many walls and buildings feature exterior insulation and finish systems. Well, EIFS walls are beautiful and protective. They’re great for many types of buildings. They’re one of the best exterior wall finishes because they look great and provide protection from the weather. However, it is important to remember that Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems can experience problems over a period. For instance, there is a risk that they’re going to crack and leak.

Problems can occur due to building movements, impact damage, or inaccurate installation. Suffice to say, you may need to repair your EIFS at some point. When doing so, you’ll want to work with our professional contractors.

Quick, Temp Fixes

There is a risk that it is going to take the contractor a few days to arrive. If this is the case, you’ll want to quickly with the problem with a temporary solution. One way to do that is by using spray foam. You can also seal it with caulk. Doing so will prevent moisture from entering the wall.

Professionals Offer Long-Term EIFS Repair

EIFS and stucco look similar, but there are some differences between them. The installation process is different. If you notice erosion or deterioration, you need to fix it as quickly as possible. First, identify where the leak is occurring. Take steps to block the leak to prevent water from entering again. Any fix will likely be a short-term solution. If the EIFS was installed incorrectly, it requires expert rectifications. A professional contractor needs to examine and fix the problem.

In many cases, the leak is caused by failures in the seal. You may need to fix the caulk or moisture barrier. Our professionals can fix the problem swiftly and accurately. Contact our office to get started today.

Benefits Of Using EIFS

At the end of the day, EIFS offers numerous benefits. For instance, it can enhance the building’s energy efficiency. Furthermore, it looks great. EIFS can look great for many years to come because it is resistant to yellowing and fading. Since it is made of tough acrylic, it can stand up to Mother Nature and avoid cracking.

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