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Professional Cabinet Refinishing New York NY

Residential cabinets play a major role in orderliness, which is why they are found throughout a home. Cabinets are utilized to store toys, books, dishes, décor, electronics, and other gadgets. Like every component of your home’s structure, cabinets sustain damage throughout the years. While cabinet maintenance is minimal, there will come a time when a renovation is in order.

What Is Cabinet Refinishing?

Cabinet refinishing is exactly as its name entails. It is the process of removing and replacing the finish, which generally consists of three layers – bottom coat (primer), middle coat (varnish or paint), and a topcoat (a glossy clear coat).

How Does Cabinet Refinishing Work?

Our professional cabinet refinishing entails the removal of each layer of finish. We utilize a paint or varnish stripper and sandpaper to remove the finish. Once the surface is clean, each layer of finish is applied in the same manner as previously. A bottom coat is applied and allowed to dry and cure before the second coat is applied. Once the second coat is dried and cured, a third coat utilizing the same varnish or paint is applied. The last or topcoat is a gloss protectant.

Our Professional Cabinet Refinishing

Most cabinets are constructed from high-quality wood, such as pine, maple, oak, plywood, poplar, and maple. Cabinetry is not just about a frame, doors, walls, tops, and bottoms. It is also about finishes and trims.

Our Painting Services

We serve all New York communities and neighborhoods. Our prices are fair and competitive with our top New York competitors. If you are concerned about cost, do not hesitate to take advantage of our professional cabinet refinishing quote.

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