T1-11 Siding Painting Services

Although T1-11 siding isn’t as popular as it used to be, it was once used frequently for outbuildings, sheds, and certain commercial buildings. The siding has a rough sawn or sanded finish. The construction material is made out of plywood making it economical. However, it requires frequent maintenance to ensure proper moisture protection. In addition to this, properly maintaining the siding ensures that you can maintain its gorgeous appearance.

By repainting the siding, you’ll be able to breathe new life into its while ensuring it lasts longer. Plus, repainting it is a good way to protect it from mildew and mold.

Quick Solutions For T1-11 Siding

When the siding on your commercial building begins to crack, peel, or fade, take steps to remedy the problem. You’ll want to restore the siding to perfection by repainting it. If the siding isn’t properly protected, there is a possibility that it is going to be damaged by moisture leaks. It can also lead to the development of mildew or mold. The siding needs to be repainted regularly to avoid potential problems. If you’re experiencing problems, you’ll need to fix cracks and peels before painting them.

Otherwise, the paint will likely crack again. You may also need to replace pieces of siding from time to time. Priming the siding and caulking gaps are important as well. Don’t take any shortcuts or you’ll regret it. Working with one of our professional contractors is the best way to fix the problem.

Our Professional Contractors Help Maintain T1-11 Siding

Before repainting the T1-11 siding, it needs to be repaired, cleaned and primed. Pressure washing the siding first can make a big difference. You’ll also want to take steps to deal with loose panels. Don’t rush the process or you’re going to run into issues in the future. Working with our contractors is recommended. We can help repair the damage before it worsens.

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