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Urethane Joint Expansion Sealing Solutions

When installing concrete floors and walls, it is essential to have a full-width cut for each expansion joint. The installer uses this technique to ensure that the concrete has enough room to expand and contract. Otherwise, it would crack and lead to other serious issues. The joints are added to separate portions of the slab to ensure the slab can move without placing too much pressure on any piece. If the expansion joints aren’t sealed often, there is a risk that water is going to penetrate them and seep under the concrete.

Then, there is a risk that it’ll experience erosion or freeze-thaw damage. Suffice to say, it is essential to take steps to properly seal the joint. It is wise to use a high-quality urethane solution to seal the joint.

Professional Sealing Applications

When sealing concrete surfaces, it is vital to use a high-quality sealant. If you’re sealing a high traffic area, this will make a big difference. The sealant can provide five or ten years of protection. Urethane sealants are recommended because they’re flexible and great for extreme temperatures. As a result, many professionals prefer using these sealants. However, it is important to consider several factors when attempting to determine which sealant is right.

For instance, the professional will need to consider the environment, temperature, and size of the joint. Plus, a professional needs to work diligently to ensure that the expansions and joints are sealed properly the first time. Our experts know how to seal these joints precisely to ensure that you receive satisfactory, long-term results.

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