What Is The Best Way To Clean Walls Before Painting?

Have you decided that you want to add a new coat of paint to your walls? Doing so is a good idea, but you shouldn’t rush the process. You’ll need to make sure that the walls are properly cleaned before moving forward. Below, you’ll find advice for cleaning your walls before painting them. Cleaning Walls … Read more

Painting Pressure Treated Wood?

You can paint over pressure-treated wood. However, you’ll need to take precise steps to ensure that you’re going to get satisfactory results. Just the tips below to avoid problems. Painting Pressure Treated Wood Before painting pressure-treated wood, it is pertinent to give it enough time to dry. Unfortunately, it takes a bit longer to dry. … Read more

Industrial And Commercial Paint Colors

New York Professional Industrial And Commercial Paint Utilizing a mixture of bright, bold colors is a great way to add eye appeal to a once dull business front Long-term exposure to the elements results in fading and cracking. The solution? A fresh coat of high-quality paint Customize a color scheme that will promote your commercial … Read more

DIY VS Hire A Pro?

Consumers are always determining the best course of action when it comes to deciding between DIY and hiring a professional. Both options have pros and cons. It is your responsibility to determine which option will suit your painting needs and preferences the most. Weigh your options before moving forward. Our professional Painting Service Our professional … Read more

Different Types Of Wall Textures?

Isn’t it time you took steps to enhance the aesthetics of your room? Although there are several ways to achieve this goal, you’ll want to think about adding a texture to your wall. Doing so will help hide drywall flaws and other blemishes. Another thing to note is that adding a texture to the wall … Read more

Can You Paint Over Mold?

Mold can create a serious problem for homeowners. Whether you’re a homeowner, renter, or business owner, you need to take steps to eliminate mold around your property. Otherwise, it is going to lead to more serious issues. You may believe that painting over it is a good solution. Although it hides the issue, it doesn’t … Read more

Can You Paint Cabinets Without Sanding?

How you would like to bring new life to your aging cabinets? One way to achieve this goal is by painting your cabinets. However, you’ll need to take steps to properly prepare your cabinets before painting them. Otherwise, there is a risk that you’re going to experience issues. For instance, the paint may not adhere … Read more