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Familiarizing Yourself With The Different Types Of Paints Available

As a homeowner or business owner, there is a possibility that you’ll be required to add a new coat of paint to your walls at some point or another. Initially, you’ll believe that this task is simplistic, straightforward and effortless. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Before you can even dip your brush into the bucket, you’ll need to learn about the different paints available to you. This is the only way to ensure that you get the right paint and that your money will be well spent. Below, you will gain more insight into the various types of paints on the market.

Oil And Latex

Paints are available in a wide variety of types. They can be oil-based, acrylic or even latex. For most consumers and business owners, you’ll want to choose between oil-based paints or latex paints. While they’re fairly similar, they do have some unique differences and benefits.

Oil Paints

The fact that oil paints are superior to latex isn’t up for debate. Oil varieties are generally much higher in quality and harder. This ensures that they’ll be able to resist abrasions far better than the latex alternatives. They also have a more vivid gloss. Finally, oil paints can be applied much easier and they’ll last far longer than latex. Unfortunately, oil-based paints are typically more expensive and they emit a terrible odor. If you do opt for oil paints, you should be prepared for a longer drying time.


While oil paints tend to be better in most categories, latex has its perks. For instance, these paints are surprisingly durable and they’ll dry more rapidly than their oil-based counterparts. Simultaneously, they emit little odor. Another great thing about latex paint is the fact that it is water based. This makes cleaning up a spill much easier. Just use a little soap and water and you’ll be able to get the mess eliminated within a few minutes.

Various Types Of Sheens

Once you’ve opted for a specific type of paint, you’ll need to learn more about the sheens. The sheen helps to clarify the overall glossiness level of the paint. In basic terms, the sheen will determine whether or not the paint looks shiny. There are a variety of sheens to choose from. They’ll be explained in more detail below.


In some cases, you may not want a gloss at all. If you do not want any reflection or glossiness, you should opt for a flat paint. Flat paint actually contains the lowest sheen and this makes it somewhat less expensive than glossy paints. In most cases, the best painting company in NYC has will not use a flat paint, unless it is specifically requested.

Semi-Gloss and Gloss

Glossy paint has the most sheen and will therefore shine the most. Paints that have this style of sheen will also be more durable and tougher than others. Semi-gloss is a small step down from the gloss sheen. Most consumers will either choose a gloss paint or a semi-gloss paint. The reasoning behind this is the fact that gloss is slightly more expensive than semi-gloss.

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