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When To Decide Your Home Needs A Fresh Paint Job

Owning a home comes with many responsibilities and many of these will end up costing you hundreds of dollars. However, if you stay on top of the maintenance, your home will maintain its integrity for a longer period of time. One of the most dreaded tasks that you will have to undertake eventually is a fresh paint job. Most people are not willing to invest the time or effort into the project, because it can actually be drawn out and physically draining. These people turn to painting contractors NYC, because they want the job done precisely and in a time efficient manner.

Paint Is Faded

The sun and other natural elements can do a number on exterior house paint. If you purchased a pre-owned home, you probably do not know what type of paint was utilized for the last paint job. When sellers are interested in putting their home on the market, they will do whatever is necessary to make it presentable to homebuyers. This may mean a fresh coat of paint, but utilizing the cheapest exterior brand on the market. When you skimp on the quality of the paint, you are not doing yourself any favors. In fact, cheap pain will not endure long-term exposure to the elements, which means a fresh paint job will be required much sooner than later.

When the pain becomes faded on one or all sides of the home, it will be time for a fresh coat of paint. While you may choose to just paint the side with the faded paint, it will be in your best interest to paint the entire home. If you do not, the side you paint will look shiny and new and the rest of the home will look drab.

Pealing Paint

There is nothing more frustrating to deal with than pealing paint. The reason pealing and cracked paint is such a difficult issue to tackle, is because the old paint must be removed, before a new coat can be added. You can utilize a scraper or pressure washer to remove the old paint, but the pressure washer will expedite the task. If you fail to remove all of the damaged paint, the new paint will not stick to the surface.

By utilizing a high-quality exterior house paint that will endure the elements, you will not ever have to deal with cracked or pealing issues. Spend a little extra and save yourself a lot of grief later on down the road.

Is The Paint 5 Years Old? 

Any expert will recommend repainting a home every 5 years, especially new constructions. When the home is being painted for the first time, the painter will often only utilize a single layer of paint. These individuals are in the market to save money, while making the home look presentable to homebuyers. So, it will be up to you to repaint the home after 5 years of the initial purchase date. The paint should be in good condition, so all you will need to do is spray several coats of fresh paint on top of the existing paint to revive it back to life.

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