Prepping Your Home For A Brand New Coat Of Paint


Have you recently decided that your home needs a fresh coat of paint? Most consumers will run right out to the store and buy a color they prefer. Then, they’ll return home and begin throwing the paint on the walls. This is not a good idea. In order to ensure that the paint is able to withstand the test of time, it is first pertinent to properly prep the walls. If the existing coat of paint isn’t removed, the new coat will not last very long. Below, you will discover tips for prepping your home for a new paint job.

Removing Defective Paint

There is a possibility that your home’s paint has begun to crack or peel. There are numerous possible reasons for this. The paint might have been low quality. Nevertheless, it is pertinent to remove the defective paint before adding the new coat. If you fail to do so, the new coat will be uneven and it will subsequently begin to peel away with the old paint. In order to remove the defective paint, you’ll probably need to use a putty knife or a wire brush. Make sure every last bit has been removed, before moving forward.

Using A Sander

All professional painters in NYC will tell you that sanding the surface is enormously important for ensuring the paint lasts for many years to come. Once you’ve finished the step above, there is a possibility that the surface will no longer be even. You’ll need to smooth the surface and make it as flush as possible by using a sander. If you’re required to treat large sections, you’ll want to consider using an electric orbital sander. This is far easier than using a piece of sandpaper and scrubbing manually. Sanding the surface will ensure that it accepts and holds the paint much better.


After the steps above have been completed, you’ll want to consider adding a coat of primer to the surface. This is very important, if the raw wood or metal has been left exposed. Just remember that you’ll need to choose a primer that perfectly matches the specific type of paint you intend to use in the future. For instance, if you want to use a latex paint, you should stick with a latex primer and vice versa. The primer will help to ensure that the surface is protected and ready for the paint. If you’re adding a fresh coat of paint to bare wood, a coat of primer first is a necessity.

Check For Nails And Clean

Depending on the area of the home you’re painting, there is a possibility that you’ll find nails sticking out of the wall. It is very common for nails to back out over a period of time. Grab a hammer and make sure the nails are hammered flat with the surface. After this, it is time to clean the surface. You can use a sprayer or you can clean the surface with a sponge. Make sure the surface has dried completely, before you try to add the new paint. Following these steps will ensure your paint sticks and keeps your home looking spectacular for many years to come.